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Casing and Tubing Inspection

DS-1 | NS-2 | API RP Inspection Standards. 

Used casing and tubing inspection is carried out in accordance with API Spec 5CT. The general scope shall include:

  • OD Blasting

  • ID Cleaning

  • Spot Wall Thickness Measurements

  • Grade Sorting

  • EMI on Body (Tubing)

  • Visual Thread Inspection

  • Full Length Drifting

  • Black Light Inspections

  • Hydraulic Pressure Testing

  • Bucking Services

  • Depending on client’s requirement, the general scope or part of the scope may be covered. Our experienced inspectors follow industry standard guidelines and documented Standard Operating Procedures for casing and tubing inspection.

    JCI state of the art EMI units are dual-function units with Hall Effect sensors. As they are all mobile units our inspection technicians are able to move units to work locations at short notice.

    Upon completion of inspection, customers receive full detailed inspection reports completed by our inspectors while soft copies are web stored. Unique password and user name are made available to customers for ease of access to inspection reports as part of the inspection package.

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